A key part of our role is helping the voluntary sector to make representations to local decision-makers and ensuring that the voluntary sector is represented on local discussion forums. To achieve this, we:

  • host regular discussion forums and conferences for our members to help set priorities;
  • ensure that voluntary organisations are represented on local groups such as the One Watford partnership;
  • work with local networks, forums and agencies to ensure that they understand the importance and value of the local voluntary sector;
  • promote good engagement and social responsibility within the local business community;
  • host a network of local charity CEOs who regularly exchange information and views;
  • help negotiate and champion the Herts Compact 
  • advise members on key legislation and law including the Locality Act, Social Value, Public Law, Equalities Impact Assessments, etc;
  • advise local statutory agencies on how best to consult with and engage the local voluntary sector.